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Tc front
  1. Thankful Christmas

From the album Thankful Christmas


Geof Kimber
© Aiyura Music Inc.

Verse 1
We're in that time of year when presents
make their rounds again
And sometimes out of obligation
more than being friends
And you know the way I feel
when folks buy more than just a few
So what I'm giving you
is not cos someone told me to

And I'm thinking this Christmas
about all the gifts God's given
We have a roof above our heads
And an eternal home in heaven
But above all other gifts
I am most grateful for two
And that's the Father gave us Jesus
And Jesus gave me you

Verse 2
These plain ol' walls
became a house we're blessed to own
And by giving it your touch
You've made this house a home
And you know I love the way
you take what's old and make it new
But the thing I love the most
is just you being you