1. The Joke's on You


Verse 1
We treat the truth like a tip toe dance
on the basis of our circumstance
oh, oh
We’re apt to deny what makes us choke
And write it off like it’s a joke
oh, oh

The joke’s on you, the joke’s on you
Funny how things turn around
And the humor is gone when
The joke’s on you, the joke’s on you
You can turn things upside down
Til the truth comes out and then
The joke’s on you

Verse 1
If we both agree, then it’s the truth
But if I don’t, then give me proof
oh, oh
So we just believe what we just want to
like, this sounds good, but that won’t do
oh, oh

You might think this song
is a little melancholy
Not so jolly
Though it sounds carefree
I want to speak to you frankly
God has shown the way He feels
about our sinning
He’s not grinning
Look and see the cost
of His Son on a cross
One man makes a mockery
of another man’s theology
who speaks in love, though fervently
and warns against a travesty