1. Hope of Glory


Verse 1
He rescued me from the dominion
of darkness into His light
And I'll learn Christ-like affection
'til the day I'm glorified
I know no greater inspiration
than He who's gone before us
And now no association
grips me more than this does

This is the hope of glory
Christ Jesus in me
Hidden from previous generations
Now known to God's daughters and sons
The divine mystery
saves from captivity
What a wonderful proclamation
Christ in me!

Verse 2
His grace is shown in obedience
out of appreciation
This is the way of his saints
and their conversation
I want to mature in the way of
wisdom and understanding
So I, and agent of love
will be more becoming

He who all things with no limitation
by Him were created
Things in heaven, things on earth
And to those He gives new birth
He is first-born over all creation
Wholly consecrated
to His Father's will alone
for the fallen to atone