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Holy front
  1. Why Worry

From the album Holy

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Why Worry

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Why would you ever go worry
He got the hairs on your head all numbered
When your life's in a hurry
Make the time to get away
Take some time with the Savior
Read the Word and gotta let Him change ya
His Kingdom lasts forever
(Got to show the grace flavor x2)
(He reigns now and forever
No matter what man may say
Christ is the only way x3)
So man trust Him and obey

God alone is the source
of where good things come
So turn from sin to the refuge
of Christ the only Son

When we don't trust in Him
We are wrong, you see
Trusting other things it the sin
of idolatry

God is just in calling us
to turn from our own ways
And yet our hearts are so inclined
to question what He says
So in repentance let us now
remind ourselves again
That those He cleanses through His blood
He counts now as friends