Holy front
Holy front
  1. The Worst is Me

From the album Holy

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The Worst is Me

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Verse 1
Oh Lord
Have mercy on us now
For your laws we disavow
Like days of old
Your Word
should be glorious in our eyes
Yet we've turned to follow lies
The truth be told

As I see your glory
And what this world has become
I am on my knees
Praying Jesus please
Save me from this story
And the things that I have done
And the way I thirst
For I know the worst
is me

Verse 2
So wrong
I need grace to cover me
As the waters of the sea
Engulf the land
I have walked the way of Cain
And rejected with disdain
your reprimand

In all the world
There is no one who seeks you
We have gone our own way
Gone our own way
And we applaud ourselves
While loathing what is true
Until grace comes to stay
Grace comes to stay

May your holiness
And your righteousness
be the way I thirst
Sinful ways reversed
in me
May the way I thirst
be for Jesus first
in me