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  1. Big God

From the album Lord Make Us One

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Big God

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This whole world is gonna go down
The heavens too with a great big sound
But my feet on the solid Rock
are gonna stay
This whole world is gonna go down
But my faith is firm and sound
In Him who made the heavens and earth
the night and day
I'm sold out to a big God in a big way!

For the wages of my sin
are eternal seperation
from the One who's always been
and always will be
But Jesus made the sacrifice
and now there is no condemnation
for the ones who trust in Him
the Lord of the earth and sea

All the things that I hold dear
Even holding slight affection
I renounce that motiviation
they held on me
Now my only joy and crown
is my labor for the Savior
I just want to please my God
who shed His own blood for me

For this world we live in's fallen
from the state it once was in
But that perfection
will return one day
We'll see a brand new earth and heaven
And no more the curse of sin
The bride of Christ
will see a brighter day!