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  1. Lord Make Us One

From the album Lord Make Us One

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Lord Make Us One

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When Jesus was with us, He prayed to You, Father
that His children would live in harmony
And we, Lord, like Jesus, reach out to no other
And we, like our Savior now make our plea

Lord, bring us together, Make this our united endeavor
That we, undivided, forever would live as one
As sister and brother, Lord, teach us to love one another
That this world would see that the Father
has sent His Son
Lord, make us one, Lord make us one

Lord, grant us repentance, Lift sin's rightful sentence
Reveal that to which we are dumb and blind
Replace our dissensions with righteous intentions
to share Your salvation with all mankind

That sin's dark hold would die not grow
to spiritual adultery
Grant us lives that always know
a love for what is holy