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  1. I Believe

From the album Lord Make Us One

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I Believe

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I believe, Jesus I will walk with You
I believe, Confident Your Word is true
I believe, You'll do what You said You would do
I believe, I believe

I will trust in Your goodness, rest in Your care
That You will walk beside me all the way
I need not be anxious, I need not despair
Or worry about what mortal man may say
You, Lord, existed before time began
And I know that my future is held in Your hands

When I think You tarry in showing You care
Lord, Your Word cuts me like a knife
You said, "Who by worry, And doubting You're there
can add a single hour to his life??"
Forgive me for wanting to have the control
Lord I give You my life, Not in part, but in whole

And when I face a dark and trying hour
that tries to grip me like a glove
I am convinced that no demonic power
can separate me from Your love