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  1. Surrender

From the album Lord Make Us One

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The ways of sin are binding, The consequences, tough
You're left confused, and running helter skelter
So when the way is windy, and when the road is rough
Lord I choose to come to You for shelter

And I will yield, I will surrender to Your love, oh Lord
And to the calling You are placing in my life
Lord, I only want to see the final heart You're building in me
I will yield, I will surrender to Your love

When I see the future crumble, right before my eyes
I will stand and face the stormy weather
And 'tho my feet may stumble, My faith In You will rise
I'll take Your hand, And we'll face the cold together

I could heed my sinful nature, and bow down to my flesh
Lord, You know that way of life seems easy
But I will not be a traitor, You love me to Your death
that I might live the obedient life before me