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  1. Yes!

From the album Lord Make Us One

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Yes! Your promises are yes!
You want for me what's best
You've raised me to a life that's new
Oh yes! My sin revealing
Yes! Your wounds my healing
Yes! Keep raising me to life that's new
Purging me through and through

Often times I read Your Word
And I know You are a God who sees
Shameful things that I have done
bring me to my knees
'Though living in my sin brought me condemnation
Now I know the joy of Your salvation!

Lord, I've come on bended knee
pleading for Your grace
Through Your blood You paid for me
Removed my sins without a trace
Who am I, with sin that You sought and found me
Evil lived within Yet You showed such mercy

You have brought me to the joy that salvation brings
with a love for what is true
So I rejoice to see love dying for earthly things
For the joy of knowing You