God uses Geof to teach you something and take you somewhere. With the heart of a pastor, he captures your heart and wraps it in gospel truth, leading you to stand in awe of the glorious presence of God. I wholeheartedly recommend Geof’s ministry with anticipation of you seeing God’s glory. 
Pastor Greg Sergent 
Glamorgan Chapel, Wise VA 

I have had the privilege of knowing Geof since the mid 90’s and his music and message do not just entertain – they touch your heart. Geof does not just talk about faith in Jesus – he lives it. 
You will be blessed by his ministry, but even more by his heart for Jesus Christ. His message is challenging, but what we really need to hear today. I cannot encourage you enough to support Geof Kimber. 
Your Servant in Christ, 
Arthur Zawislak 
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Warrenville, SC 

For anyone prayerfully considering bringing Geof to minister: Good humor, good nature, Solid Biblical truth to the message as well as the music. If you’re looking for a watered down, ear-tickling experience, please don’t bring Geof in. If you want to be challenged as well as encouraged, by all means- welcome this Warrior. 
P. Tim Dayton 
New Life Church of the Nazarene Huber Heights, Ohio 

Geof Kimber showed himself to be a humble, Godly man, whose songs present a scriptural message or speak to a problem shared by modern day Christians. Geof’s technical skills are flawless and his manner of presentation flows as he moves from humor to reverence to engage his audience. 
Dr. Robert Baker 
Fresh Wind Fellowship, Huntsville AL 

Geof Kimber…sincere-gifted-flawless vocals-great music-challenging message! Geof will be a true blessing to any ministry that will open their doors to him. You will leave changed! 
Pastor Wayne Hager 
Zion Family Ministries, VA 

I first met Geof while attending an evening worship experience on the beach while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I knew from that moment I had to have him as a brother in my faith journey. He has left this powerful impression in every church I served where we hosted him. His worship songs were beautiful in composition and moving in spirit, but what most impressed me was his obvious sincerity and humility. He is not a “prima donna,” but a humble servant who relates through his music and teaching a life who longs to walk with Christ in radical faithfulness. 
Pastor Brian Homan 
Park United Methodist, Pulaski NY 

Geof led worship for our summer beach retreat August of 09 (& 10 & 11). I am pleased to be able to give him a reference-as he was without doubt the best worship leader I have yet to meet. Geof was very different in his approach. He used not only modern praise songs, but also many of the old hymns set to a modern beat. In addition to this, he also used several songs he has written himself. Each one was a sermon in themselves. 
Without doubt the best worship leader I have yet to meet. Geof didn’t just lead music, but also took a personal interest in my students, taking time to talk with them and join us for fellowship. It was clear he loved Jesus, and my students. If you are looking for a worship leader, you wont find one better. I highly recommend him! 
Lyn Peden 
Lee Road Baptist, Taylors SC 

“I first brought Geof to the church to minster at our coffee house. He did such a great job and the message that he brought was right on, I was hooked! Since then, I have had Geof back to do our entire service on our “Friendship Sunday.” …Geof does a great job. He is flexible in venue but always stays firm upon the message that is being shared. He lifts Jesus up which then draws all men unto Jesus! I would highly recommend Geof to come and minister in any capacity at church or at home. The message is true and genuine and people will be called to a deeper walk with God.” 
Pastor Kevin Smith, Faith Church of the Nazarene, Parish NY 

I have been blessed with the privilege of ministering with Geof in Romania and Albania as well as America… He is one of the most Christ-centered musicians I have ever been around. The uniqueness of great talent combimed with a true heart is seen in the powerful ministry God has blessed him with. 
Rev. James D. Morse 

I highly recommend Geof… As we traveled and served together, I observed Geof take command of the stage and the audience, radiating the love of Christ through his impassioned expressions and life sensitive lyrics. 
Dr. John Guest 
Evangelist and Pastor 

It is with enthusiasm and joy that I recommend to you Geof Kimber. He is truly a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ. I have been in pastoral ministry for more than 20 years and have never met a more gifted and talented musician and song writer. 
Pastor Ronny Byrd 

The people of our congregation (all ages) always look forward to Geof’s concerts His lyrics have a depth of meaning – they compel you to pursue Christ and a holy life. I look around and see tears in eyes as people are moved by his music. 
Rev. William ‘Ted’ Ragsdale 

Geof has an unusual ability to address the current devastating trends in our culture with lyrics based on God’s word and strong personal conviction… His songs have challenged us to live a life of greater holiness. 
Pastor Bob Barrows 

I am very happy to recommend Evangelist and recording artist Geof Kimber. Our church has used Geof now for over ten years. He is always relevant, entertaining and edifying. He can sing the gospel but also teach and preach the Good News of Jesus with power and clarity. I never have to be afraid of what he will say or sing. Our people, both the young and even more traditional, have been blessed by his ministry time after time. 
Pastor Bob Freitas 
Maranatha Bible Church, Salisbury NC 

Geof Kimber’s music is a breath of fresh air for those more concerned about songs being theologically sound than popular. Geof’s music is more God-centered than man-centered and uplifts the person and work of Christ. Geof’s book “Fruits & Roots” (a must-read for worship leaders and pastors), is a sound critique of the modern worship movement and its impact on the church. Our church has supported Geof for over ten years because he desires above all to glorify God and build up the body of Christ through his music and teaching. He is truly a blessing to the church! 
Pastor Stan Geyer, 
Springs of Life Bible Church, Durham NC