July 2017 – New Song

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This was written for Tanya when we had a lot of things going “wrong” – and it still has some application nowadays from time to time! I hope it encourages you if you’re going through a rough patch yourself.

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May the Lord be with you
when your day is long
May you know His comfort
when your strength is gone
Turn to Him for guidance
when your way is dark
May the Lord be with you
and give strength to your heartVERSE 1
You are a chosen people
called by His name
to give Him honor and respect
when from the world you feel shame
When in painful circumstances
may your joy increase
And when folks know of your troubles
may you know His peace

So in each and every situation
keep self controlled
so folks will see the mind of Christ
wherever you are involved
And when people would expect
to see you filled with fear
May they see a child who’s trusting
that the Lord is near

Words/music/recording by Geof Kimber
© 2017 Aiyura Music, Inc.Cover shot by Ben Coy. Check out his photos and music at

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